You Are Not Immune!


Yet another data breach at government agencies and schools.

I’m sure by now you’ve read about the two cities in Florida paying almost $1 million after their computer system were hacked. Cyber breaches like this happen very often. 

These are the ones we here about.

Most financial firms keep it under wrap. Small to mid-size firms often assume it is not material so they don’t disclose it.

Understand that we are in hacking season and more firms, agencies, and schools will be targets.

Successful cyberattacks are often caused by phishing or other social engineering tactics.

Financial firms are not immune.

Your employees will be vulnerable  to spear phishing, vishing, and other attack vectors that will introduce malware into your system.  So how do you maintain operational security after a data breach?

Here are some steps to take after finding out you have been a victim of a cyber breach:

• Don’t Engage –stop all communication

• Don’t Give In To Demands

• Change All Passwords

• Contact Financial Institutions- involved and report your accounts

• Report To Local Authorities

• File Compliant with IC3- Internet Crime Complaint Center

If you have been a victim of a cyber breach the damage is done.

Even if you pay the ransom and regain control it is not always guaranteed that the criminals won’t come back and lock you out of your system and demand more money.

Contact CybSecWatch to start your path on preventing cyber incidents.

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