Put Me On The No Vishing List!


Have you noticed that vishing calls are on the rise lately? There was a period where they all but disappeared but in the last year or so they have come back with the vengeance.

These calls will get you questioning your sanity.

From your social security being compromised…

oh no, what do you do…

Call this number and we will fix it for you…. Or else you will be placed on a very bad list that will destroy you….*insert evil laugh*

Next up, your computer or the internet… (apparently, they can’t keep track of which)…is compromised or is it the license that’s expired.. anyways, you must call us right away to fix it…

Apple service is not only here to help you but also to harass you too.

This one is the personal best, when you look up the vishing phone number it traces back to an actual Apple store but they keep calling from different numbers.

Whatever vishing call you get don’t engage, well unless you are in the mood to annoy the living daylights out of them.


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