Cybersecurity Myth #1

Antivirus Cures Everything


Let’s tackle one well-known myth about cyber security

Antivirus software will stop all cyber attacks.

This is a very popular belief that most people have about cybersecurity.  Antivirus has been made to be the number one defense against cyber threats.  Your IT personnel probably harps about the importance of making sure your Norton, McAfee, or Webroot are running properly on your system.  As they should be. 


Not all threat vectors are prevented by antivirus software.

One thing is clear cyber criminals are very good at their jobs. Antivirus will not stop them from getting to their targets.  Their tactics and tools have changed.

Some cyber criminals are well funded by nation states who have the resources to bring harm to a country. These states have been doing prep work for a while and this is not child’s play to them but warfare.

With the exposure of individual data whether intentional or unintentional cyber criminals have a lot more resources at their disposal.

Social engineering has allowed more successful cyber attacks. Phishing, Smishing and Vishing are popular social engineering tactics that are paying off for criminals.

“it is not a matter of if, but when, an attack will happen”- NIAC members

What are you doing to prepare yourself and your company?

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