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I’m a quiet person by nature.  I tend to keep things to myself, which has led to the unique development that I’m about to share with all of you. Furthermore, I envy those who are sales oriented. It takes a lot of guts to be able to promote something, not to mention yourself. 

So, here I go. 

I (quietly) launched CybSecWatch some months back. What is CybSecWatch you ask? Well, it’s my baby—a cumulative of all the experience I have gained along the way as a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and cybersecurity expert in the financial industry. 

CybSecWatch aims to change the cybersecurity landscape by providing compliance focused metrics, solutions and tools to help firm’s keep up with regulatory requirements and secure their data. 

A little unconventional, but it is the right preventive solution for you. Our focus is not your systems and network—but the governance, risk and compliance aspect of cybersecurity.  Don’t worry—we do provide technical support if needed. 

However, all the technology is not going to help you prevent a breach.  Let’s face it: if it was that simple, you wouldn’t need a cybersecurity program. The fact that you know it requires more is the reason we exist. 

We believe that the culture of your firm dictates what security incident you will be susceptible to. 

Knowing this, we approach your cybersecurity program from the inside out.  We focus on your objectives, culture, operations, policies, people, units, data and more before we even consider the technical. Our job is to help you align your cybersecurity program with your business—not the other way around.

Another aspect of CybSecWatch is the strong belief that security starts with awareness. We are building an educational solution for RIAs to help educate their employees on essential cybersecurity tips for work and home.

Our theory is that CEOs and CCOs want to create content to strengthen their employees’ awareness of required codes and cybersecurity steps. CybSecWatch’s Educational Solutions is designed to do just that.  We give you the power to craft and automate your own knowledge-based tips to remind your employees of their obligations. Our beta test will be available next year.  

So, don’t wait—become one of our beta testers by signing up now! Check out our landing page and enter your name/email and click Join at the bottom of the page.

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O.Odeniran, August 2019

I spent my career with the belief that training employees would make my life easier. It has worked for me every step of the way. Whether it is the regulatory code of ethics or cybersecurity, employees need to know and understand their obligations.

Giving them a policy and procedure that is several pages and asking them to read, retain and apply the information provided is an irrational idea. There will be resistance, some who don’t understand and those who will look at you like you are crazy. That’s why I always provide training and educational materials.

It is the same reason why my weekly #cybersecurity tip includes videos or stories to help you understand cybersecurity better. If you know it, you will apply it. If you understand it, you will share it.

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I am happy to say that through CybSecWatch, I am creating a SaaS platform that will give RIAs the control they need to reinforce their regulatory obligations and cybersecurity awareness. If you do not know anything about cybersecurity, don’t worry, our experts are creating a platform that will allow you to automate and personalize content to send to your employees.

We will invite a few people to test out the platform shortly. If you would like to be part of a greater testing pool, send an email to

The beta test is for registered investment advisors at this time.