About Us

Securing Your Enterprise Starts With Awareness​

CybSecWatch focuses on compliance, information security, risk management and education to help organizations strengthen their compliance environment. We make it easy for you to not only secure your firm but also educate your staff while freeing up your resources. Our goal is to raise enterprise awareness across the different business units from top to bottom.

Our Story

As the cyber landscape evolves one item remains constant, cyber criminals are targeting more than just your systems. The right approach to securing your firm will involve people who have a global understanding of cybersecurity and the expertise to address pending regulatory requirements.

Our people are industry experts in regulatory compliance, cybersecurity and risk management. They bring their experience to help you create an evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Our Services

We know compliance and cybersecurity. Whether you are looking for someone to help improve your cybersecurity protocol or raise internal security awareness, we have the right service for you.