Cybersecurity Should Only Wear One Hat Out Of Many


Let’s discuss how most RIAs approach the security of their data and assets.

We have spoken to a few RIAs who approach cyber security as a wish list:

something they want to have but don’t have the resource for it now.

If you are approaching cybersecurity the same way as the industry approaches compliance, by making the person in charge wear several hats, you are already vulnerable.

Cybersecurity needs a dedicated individual or team.

No not your IT personnel.

Cybersecurity unit should work with all business operations to make sure all vulnerabilities and risks are addressed appropriately.

For some firms it is not feasible… We get it.

You most likely outsource your IT and adding a cybersecurity personnel is not a consideration.

If your IT vendor advocates that they can handle your cybersecurity component, remember that they are only coming from the technology side.

Who will address the human and operational elements?

A dedicated cybersecurity personnel is invaluable to securing your firm and data.

At CybSecWatch we know how to strengthen your firm’s cybersecurity posture.

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