Our Story

As the cyber landscape evolves one item remains constant, cyber criminals are targeting more than just your systems. The right approach to securing your firm will involve people who have a global understanding of cybersecurity and the expertise to address pending regulatory requirements.

Our people are industry experts in regulatory compliance, cybersecurity and risk management.  They bring their experience to help you create an evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Our Services – CybSecWatch Consulting

CybSecWatch Consulting Services is designed to help clients secure their assets against potential attacks.

Our proven process combines Governance, Risk and Compliance to align your security program to your organization’s goal.


We believe Information Security is a top down approach so we work with your board of directors all the way down to your employees.


The risk that you face as a financial institution is increasing by the day.  With known incidents that attack the industry it is important that firms know and understand where they are most vulnerable.  At CybSecWatch we believe risk management should be applied to all firm activities.  We will not only assess your systems but your day to day operations.  It is important to know what can lead to an incident to help develop how to prevent one.


Here CybSecWatch helps you manage your day to day operations by outlining steps to prevent potential threats.   We also help you review or create policies, procedures and standards that are focused on streamlining your security program.

Our awareness training  is catered to the different business units to help maximize your number one defense, your employees.

Whether it is developing a security baseline for your technology, drafting procedures for your employees to incorporate into their business operation life cycle, or educating your employees, CybSecWatch is here to help.

  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Training and Education 
  • Policy and Program Assessment and Development 
  • Penetration Testing 

Educational Solutions

The number one cause of an incident, whether cyber related or regulatory failures, is human error.  The best prevention is through education.

CybSecWatch believes that your employees are the first line of defense.  We help educate your employees on their fiduciary duties and security awareness.  Free up your time and resources for other areas that matter by leaving the education up to us.

Code Reminders: Without the added stress or time you can create your own newsletter within minutes. Choose from our database of Code of Ethics policy topics drafted by our industry experts, include your logo and send to all your employees.

Compliance Assurance: Work with our industry experts to tailor your newsletter to project your voice and standards.  Leave the rest to us and we will create the best newsletter for your organization.

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