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insider threat

Insider Threats during Layoffs

Everyday mass layoffs are happening across various industries. While layoffs are a necessary measure to reduce costs, they can also weaken an organization’s cybersecurity posture, making them vulnerable to insider...

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Vulnerabilities in Remote Work

The cybersecurity landscape has changed dramatically. Cybercriminals have capitalized on the situation, exploiting vulnerabilities created by remote work to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. As such, it’s crucial for...

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Cybersecurity In The Age Of Remote Work

As the world continues to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become increasingly common. While remote work has many benefits, it also presents new challenges when it comes...

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SolarWinds Incident

As of last night, a major incident was identified with SolarWinds.  SolarWinds provide cybersecurity products and services across many sectors in different parts of the world. The SolarWinds Orion product...

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